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Also Specializing in State Regulations, Training and New Business Start-up

Professional Training and Consulting LLC.

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 Business Consulting Services

We help organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis and the development of action plans. Executive and Spiritual advice is provided through each consultants' specialized area of expertise.  Our seasoned professionals are mastered level consultants with proven track records in structuring successful systems for continuous quality improvement (both professionally and personally). We provide off-site and on-site training, as well as web-based training to increase staff participation at their convenience.  Participants can earn up to 10 CEU credits through our customized workshops. Nursing consulting now available!


Team Approach

Our team of professionals work side-by-side with your team.  We will review, evaluate, and develop action plans to identify compliance issues within your agency. We know starting a new business, expanding an existing business, training employees, or preparing for a survey or site visit can be very stressful. Our consulting experts will partner with you to ease the stress. Consulting is provided to ensure you understand what it takes to obtain and maintain success while achieving quality outcomes.  
As a team, we will make the process as stress free as possible by using the process as an opportunity to get your staff involved and look at what your organization is doing and how we can improve in areas where you are not doing well.  We truly want to help you improve,  grow and succeed.

You will receive team support throughout the entire process! Let us help you ensure your readiness and success.  After the completion of the project, the team work continues! We help you to stay on top of what was implemented with a customized Calendar of Events.


We take pride in providing individualized services to each client throughout the business planning project.  Our consulting services include:
Detailed Needs Assessments

Comprehensive Business Plans
Policy and Procedure Manuals

Risk Management Planning
Performance Measurement Systems
New Business Start-up

Business Expansion 


Grant Writing



Executive Coaching


Quality Improvement Plans

Plans of Corrections

Mock Surveys

Nursing Consulting

Hiring PTC means you get professional service and invaluable advice and assistance.  That's our commitment!

Accreditation Success

When selecting a CARF consultant, look for experienced surveyors that are current or have been a CARF surveyor.  You should then consult with those other organizations and discuss, not only what their CARF survey outcome was, but also what their experience was like working with the consultant.  
"The consultant should also have a very thorough understanding of the standards and have the ability to examine your organization and figure out what the best ‘fit’ is for your organization to meet each standard (since there are many different ways to meet a standard.'


PTC provides a list of references of current and past projects.  Our goal is to please each client.  We are proud of the work we've accomplished in helping organizations aspire to excellence!  We have a 100% success rate with assisting agencies obtain 3 year accreditations!